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Goal setting

From the knees up, running is starting to feel really good!

I sneaked in a quick run today at lunch: 2.8km over 19 minutes.  The best part about it though: I ran the whole thing.  No 5:1’s or 10:1’s… no walking at all.  I ran the whole thing.  That makes the first time I’ve left the house for a run and come back without a walking break.  Even over a short run, that’s a really nice feeling!!

I ran at a 6:50/km pace.  I now finally have a benchmark of how fast my run pace would be if not for walk breaks mixed in the middle.  I’m happy that it’s below 7:00, because few of my run sessions come in below 7:00/km (but, they all have walking periods mixed in until today).

Based on this, I’m now comfortable setting a goal for my Tri race this summer (still yet to be booked): I want to run a sub 35 minute 5k (sub 7:00/km) on the heels of the swim and bike sessions.  A sub 7:00/km over 2.8kms today was nice.  I think over the course of the summer I can stretch that out to a sub 7:00/km over 5.0kms.  But my goal is to do it at the end of a Tri race.  For reference, my current PB run time in a Tri race is 40:08/5.0km.

Today’s run felt really good.  My cardio was strong.  My thighs felt strong.  My mechanics felt good.  My biggest issue still seems to be in my shins, where the strain of 240lbs slamming into the concrete with every step takes it’s toll.  Everything above the knees felt great today.  Unfortunately I can’t drop 40+lbs overnight, so I need to find some other solution to overcome the shin pains until my weight drops.  But apart from that, today’s run reminded me I’m on the right path!!

– DO’G

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