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Tuckered out

This kid's got the right idea!

I haven’t posted in a few days.   For once, because I’ve been training.  Wednesday I did the escarpment stairs again (and yet again, nearly left my lunch at the top).  Thursday my running buddy and I ran 5k – started off a bit too fast, had a great first half but slowed down considerably down the home stretch.  Then, 2 hours later, I swam a solid 800m.  I was running on fumes and really felt a good solid cardio workout.  I was hoping to do 1km, but I got a late start and the lifeguards kicked me out at closing time.

Yesterday I did my lift session.  The legs were tired from the stairs, and the shoulders were tired from the swim, and I generally ached, but I got through it.  Short.  Sweet.  Really happy with it.

Today I went out for a short 3k run – but I ran it hard, at a much faster than average speed and almost without walking.  A very good quick 3k run.

5 training sessions over 4 consecutive days.  That alone, is a great accomplishment, and I’m really happy with it.  Really happy.  I think the biggest win though was today’s run – at the culmination of all this – that I still ran strong, fast, and with more endurance then I usually have.  It was really good.

But now I’m pooped!  My legs have no energy and I’m kinda ready to go to bed (Note: It’s way too early to go to bed – I’m not that old).  It’s Saint Patty’s day, so I’m having the requisite beer at home on my couch before passing out.

May the walls around us never fall in, and we friends gathered below never fall out!

– My favourite Irish proverb

– DO’G

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