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Time for a plan

That's about how I'd draw it up

I don’t like being MIA for a few days – I actually get twitchy when I don’t post for a while.  I actually have stuff to say these days… just… ya know… life gets in the way.

In quick recap: My leg is feeling better.  Nice long casual walk 3 days ago helped to stretch it out.  I can still feel the calf muscle as being “not quite right”, but it isn’t hindering.  Which is a dangerous stage to be in – injured muscles limit you for a reason: to prevent further injury.  Must be mindful to do extra stretching these days to be sure I don’t injure it again, which is great, ’cause I’m so good at remembering odd things…

2 nights ago it was freezing cold outside.  I knew I needed to run – I was scheduled to run, and had skipped the weekend due to same busted calf.  But fuck it was cold!  So I decided it was time to change things up.  Lately my training strategy has been for all run nights to go outside, run as far as I can go (either until my body gives up, or until discomfort > tolerance and I mentally give up), then walk until I feel like running again, then repeat.  And hopefully I repeat enough times that I go at least 5kms, but that often doesn’t happen, so I tell myself I’ll make up the extra distance on a future run, which never happens.

(hmmm… obviously this is a plan destined for success, improvement, glory, and riches… but just in case it doesn’t pan out, an alternative might be in order)

So I found an article in Canadian Running Magazine the other day (NOTE: Why the hell am I paying for this magazine if I can link to any article for free online… although a magazine is much nicer in the bathroom than a computer…).  It’s a running plan designed for persons “with some level of fitness” aiming to train up to a half marathon.  I figure, why not scale the principles and try to use it for a person with a shit level of fitness aiming to run a 5km as part of a triathlon.  Not that I know what the hell I’m doing, but it made sense to me!

Ok, so I dove in the deep end:  Week 1 –  Monday –  Day Off.  PERFECT!!!

(not so much) So I did Tuesday’s work out instead (NOTE: coincidentally I did nothing yesterday, so I guess this worked out).  So, Week 1 – Tuesday – Speed Work.  CRAP!!!  I’m slow at everything – the last thing I want to do (on a cold day, with my leg hurting) is speed work!  Oh well, that’s what the plan said.  So I hauled my butt outside and did 350 meter sprints up and down my street.  Turns out, running fast for 350 meters is a lot harder than I thought!!

I think I’ll use a future post to go into more about the new plan, and that I like it, and how I hope to modify it to fit my needs.  Suffice it to say at this point that the leg is better, I’m back out on the roads, and I’m a lot slower of a runner than I’d like to admit!

– DO’G


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