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Damn mornings

February 29, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I wish I had a window like that in my office

Most people hate Monday mornings.  I have no problem with them – not that I like Monday mornings, but I find the mornings get worse and worse as the week goes on.  I’m tired.  I stuck to my swim plan last night, even having to leave the restaurant early to do so… although swimming with a belly full of Chinese food was not smart (Note: why the hell do I always eat nice food on Tuesdays?!?  I’m always lugging it through the pool, hoping not to leave it at the bottom.  Next week: Salad on Tuesday!).  Anyway, the point is just to comment that, having stuck to my plan, I’m paying the price this morning after a good workout.

I’m still in awe of people who train in the mornings.  When I wake up in the morning, I have to focus on remembering to breathe – that’s job one.  After about 10-15 minutes I can try swinging a leg or two out of bed, and with a little luck stumble down the hall to get in the shower and stand under the water for 20 minutes until I’m awake.  Screw training – that’s not even in the realm of possible.  How the hell I make it to work every morning is a mystery to me.

So instead I train at night – I’d rather train in the morning.  I’d rather get that burst of energy from exercise.  I’d rather not have to fit it in each evening.  But there’s no chance in hell of that happening!

(ok – maybe I seriously need to start re-evaluating… I know many people aren’t morning people, but this is taking it to an extreme!)


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