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A matter of will power

February 28, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Curse you Cafeteria Fries!!!

I ate my lunch today.  I had a sandwich from home that tasted awesome!  It filled me up, but something was still missing.  So I ate my granola bar – I wasn’t especially hungry at the time, but I ate it anyway.  I’m stuffed, but I’m still craving…

The curses of working in an office big enough to have it’s own cafeteria.  Fries cost $1.58 after taxes – I know this ’cause I order them way too fucking often!  They’re not even great fries, but they’re there, and they’re warm, and they’re comfort food.

But fries are counter productive.  I don’t train explicitly to lose weight, although it’s a very nice perk if it happens.  Shedding a few pounds of fat would help me run better, especially on hills.  It would help all 3 sports.  You don’t see many endurance athletes who are carrying around spare tires – they’re all wiry sticks.  Does all the training they do keep them thin, or do they keep themselves thin so they can do all that training?  I’m sure it’s a chicken and an egg question, but I’ll bet they eat a lot more chicken and eggs than fries!!!

Keeping out of the cafeteria at lunch is as much a victory as going for a run at night – it’s not actually hard to do, and is really rewarding when successful (and actually quite enjoyable), but it takes a lot of will power when all I want to do is sit on a couch and eat crappy food!

(so how many of you are hungry now thanks to that damn picture of fries? you’re welcome!)

– DO’G


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