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Weekly Recap – Feb 20-26

February 26, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Look, it's a calendar from google images!

I was thinking about the last post that I did yesterday, and realized it really just was a summary of my workout, and without any real story or thought analysis, it was a pretty damn boring post.  So here you go – I’ve started this one off with a picture.  Don’t say I don’t entertain! 🙂

(I actually kinda like the image idea.  Maybe I’ll do this more often – when I’m not being lazy that is)

This past week was a pretty good one.  Coming off an unintentional rest week the week before, I was a bit concerned about jumping back in the deep end, so to speak.  But it went pretty well, all told.  2 Swims, 1 Run, 2 Lift sessions.

The swims were pretty good.  I learned that I really have no idea which way my nose is pointing, and look like an absolute goof with a flutter board.  But I put in the time and distance I had planned and felt particularly strong on my second swim.

The run certainly wasn’t great – only laced up the shoes once, and only for 4kms.  Granted, it was a PB pace shattering 4kms (if it were at all worth tracking one’s PB 4km distance), so it was actually a pretty good workout, but I really would have liked to put more miles behind me this week.  I think that’s my biggest goal going into next week: get my running distance in.  Next week’s goal: 15km.  There – I posted it to the interwebs.  There’s no pulling it down now!

The lifting was really good, particularly the 2nd session.  I hit a few muscle groups I haven’t hit in a long time.  Way too long.  It’s so easy to get into a rut when lifting weights at home, it’s nice to break free from that.  It feels… up lifting (sorry, I had to).  As much as the lifting felt great, the change in stretching strategy was amazing!  The extra blood flow through my neck and back felt like a million bucks.  Must keep that up.

Goals for this upcoming week:

  • 3 run sessions.  Must do.  My goal is 15kms (which is quite aggressive, not based on my skill level, but based on my lazy level)
  • 2 swim sessions.  Trying to step up the running without sacrificing the swim.  Break out the champagne if I can hit all 5 sessions!
  • STRETCH!  Amazing what a good feeling it was this week to stretch properly.  Imagine what it could do for my well being if I kept it up for a full week.  Imagine what it could do for my training!  It seems like such a little thing – but it’s doing the little things to take care of myself that allows you do the big things.  I want to do 2 stretch sessions, all 7 days this week.  Even if I don’t get a training session in, I can find 15 minutes to stretch.


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