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Fun with flutter boards

February 25, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today was supposed to be a “rest day”.  But I missed my swim Thursday night, so off to the pool I went this afternoon.

I decided to mix it up a little bit – instead of doing a km in 100m sprints, like I usually do, today I decided to do 50m all out sprints, with some flutter board lengths mixed in.  As a swimmer, I’m still held back a bit by my former waterpolo days where I was taught to swim almost exclusively with my arms.  My legs are so lazy in the pool.

The all out sprints were tough – my back and shoulders are feeling the day-after effect from lifting weights yesterday, so I probably didn’t go as fast as I might have otherwise.  But it was a nice change of pace to do something sorta drills-ish instead of simply swimming my distance.  The flutter board work was good too – my legs could only go about 50m on their own, they’re that weak in the water.  So much work to do…

The nice thing about Saturday swims is that the pool session is at noon (instead of evenings during the week).  Means I get to take an after-swim nap!

G’night y’all

– DO’G

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