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All stretched out

February 24, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

ok – so first the recap.  Since we last saw our hero…

Yes, I did go for my run on Wednesday, since I said I would.  A short run – only about 4kms, but a better average pace than I’ve managed in a long time.  Much credit goes to my running buddy who was fueled by life’s frustrations and started out at a torrid pace (it truly was a run, not a jog).

Last night I did not go for my scheduled swim.  Will instead be made up tomorrow afternoon, which was supposed to be a day off.  That’s what I get for missing a work out… I will miss you, Saturday off…

Instead of my swim, I visited with a very dear and often missed friend.  Amongst many other conversation topics, we got into a discussion about training.  I was in heaven.  I have many friends, with many varied interests, but few who are as interested in training the way I am.  I’m kinda an odd duck that way.  It was so nice to talk about training, and stretching, and aches and pains for a night.

In particular, she described to me a few stretches that she knew and used.  Admittedly, stretching is my biggest weak spot in training.  ‘Cause I don’t do it.  I’m sure if I knew (and remembered) to stretch more often, I could improve a lot faster.  It was great learning some new stretches and hearing what works for someone else.

I just now finished my weight lifting session for today (a perk to working at home on Fridays – lunch hours become “lift hours”).  I spent as much time in stretching as I did in lifting.  Particularly stretching my upper body, my back, and my neck – areas I previously assumed could not be stretched, and thus didn’t.  What a difference.  I feel like I haven’t had blood flow to my head like this in years – my neck is lose, my constant headache is temporarily gone, and I don’t feel completely dizzy if I bend over even slightly.  You know, there may be something to this back/shoulder/neck stretching thing.  I think a bigger sample size is needed, but the results so far are encouraging!

I think I should add this to my to-do list: Learn more upper body stretches.  They’re worth it!


  1. February 24, 2012 at 6:52 pm

    Awesome to hear, babe. I’m going to see if I can dig up the recommended stretching pages I had from when I was training.

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