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Keeping my nose down

February 22, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

So, a little more on yesterday’s swim.  I get a monthly newsletter from Multisport Canada (the organizers of the triathlon race series I was in last year, and will likely be in again this year).  The February newsletter had a training tip about swimming (sorry, it’s a really shitty link – wish they did a better job with their bookmarks… it’s like the 3rd or 4th training article down, if anyone bothers to go read it).  They talk about nose position:

Today, we are going to readdress balance in the water as the simplest and easiest tip that we can give you. Nose position is the main key point. If you know where to point it when swimming and learn to focus on keeping it pointed there, all sorts of wonderful changes in your swim begin to happen.  …you need to point your nose directly to the bottom of the pool. The waterline needs to be at almost at the back of the head and the centre of the top of your head is under water and pointed directly at the opposite end of the pool.

Anyone else thinking this sounds stupid-easy?  Uh-huh?  Well it ain’t, surprisingly enough!

I want to look forward when I swim, not down.  I don’t care about the pennies at the bottom of the pool, I care about the wall coming up at the other end and not swimming right into it.  I swam my 40 lengths of the pool, and probably only about 2 or 3 of those did I really do a good job of keeping my nose pointed down.  Most of the time my head was all over the place – I would remember for a bit, then regress to a more natural position, then repeat.  But when I did get it right, holly crappers did I swim faster!  I actually had trouble sneaking my breaths in between strokes.  My arms moved easier out of the water, the pulls seemed lighter, the kicking tired my legs less.  It’s not like I’m significantly stronger or lighter or better balanced then last time I was in the pool.  It felt night and day different when I was getting it right then when I wasn’t.  Of course, I probably looked like a goof with my head flopping all over the place, but it felt good.

I’m kinda glad the next training tip won’t come until the March newsletter.  As much as I’m curious what it is, I certainly need to practice this more before I add something else to think about to the mix!

Tonight’s plan is a run.  I haven run in (starts counting on fingers) 12 days.  Almost 2 weeks.  This might be really ugly.  But here I am trying to be accountable.  I’m going to run tonight!  It’s not about how well tonight’s run goes, but about running tonight so the next run goes a little bit better.


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