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For want of a plan

February 20, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Another week gone by, another lack of posts.  And why?  Because of my inadvertent rest week.  Oops.  A successful 7 straight days without an ounce of training.

Not good.

Today I spent the bulk of the day on the ski hill.  Not training, per se, but exercise regardless, and fun, and a good way to get back into moving after a week off.  I’m letting it substitute as an excuse to not go out and run tonight – feeling a bit guilty about that (as I sit here eating pizza for dinner, sitting on the couch blogging about feeling guilty, but not going out for a run).

So upon getting home from a day of skiing, an aimless surf of social networking sites shows me that several very close friends of mine have signed up to race in the Detroit Free Press Marathon (or 5k or 1/2 Marathon distance races).  I’m very excited for them.  It sounds like a lot of fun, and a wonderful challenge!!

So why did reading this cause me to want pizza?  Is it because I wish I was running that race?  Or any road race?  Is it because I wish I was signed up for something?  Anything?  I’m not sure, to be honest.  Why do I read that others have signed up for a race and let that sabotage my training?  Why have I not signed up for any races yet this year?

Whole lot of shitty rhetorical questions… answers aren’t much better.  I know what the excuses are, but they’re just that: excuses.

I need to figure out my own plan.  I need to set my own goals.  Then I can help cheer my friends on.  Because I really am excited for them.  I need to also get excited for me!

I guess I’ve got something to add to my to-do list.


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