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Need a kick in the ass

February 1, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have not done a workout now in over 3 days.  Not since I swam on Saturday afternoon – I haven’t run a step, nor lifted a weight.  Sunday I planned to run, but it snowed pretty heavy and I got cold and lazy and stayed indoors.  Monday I was in Toronto after work – lots of fun, not so much exercise.  Tuesday I planned to swim, but personal life at home got in the way (although I blame it on the pair of goggles Brigid and I share, which were left in her gym bag at her pool).  Tonight I planned to run, but chores got in the way.

Great intentions, sure, but nobody ever improved their Personal Best time  by intending to train.  Improvements come with hard work.  Sacrifice.  Perseverance.  Or at the very least some work.  Intentions alone aren’t going to cut it.

Tomorrow my intentions are to hit the pool.  I’ll let you all know how it goes (hooray for public accountability).  Friday my intentions are to run – again, I’ll let you know how that goes (although that post may be delayed a bit – the run is scheduled to be followed by a long overdue date night.  Date night > Blog posting).

I don’t want to get down on myself too much.  Sometimes real life does trump training.  I think I still have some work to do in terms of defining my priorities, and where training actually false.  Training > TV shows.  Training < Family time.  But there’s a wide range there in between, and that’s what I’m still hammering out.  Because ultimately our actions speak pretty loudly of our prioritized values (louder sometimes than our words).

Right now, I think my priority is to go to bed.  G’night all!


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