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Musings on a rainy Monday Morning

January 23, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Still having internet troubles at home – yep, that’s my excuse for the sporadic posts lately.  I tried to log on yesterday morning and post, instead I spent time with Bell tech support again.  At that point I gave up and grabbed a book and a blanket.

So what was I going to post about yesterday morning?…

Sunday morning’s run SUCKED.  Seriously: such a demoralizing run!  Lasted all of 3.5kms, and really tough ones at that.  Now, there’s a number of possible excuses for this:

  • I hadn’t run in 6 days
  • The beers and bacon cheeseburger from the night before (though seriously, possibly the best burger I’ve ever had, so arguably worth it… arguably…)
  • The next morning effects of the beers I had the night before
  • Running in the morning, when I’m used to running after work (how awake/rested the body is, when/how much it last ate)
  • Looking up the temperature online (-8 with a windchill of -15), and dressing accordingly, then getting outside and it’s sunny and feels like +5
  • Choosing a running route that took a snow-covered path up the Hamilton Escarpment (all it needed was an army obstacle course with walls to climb and tires to run through)

I could spend time trying to analyze all of these potential impacts, asses my performance, come up with a plan to run better next time, blah blah blah yack yack yack.  Fuck it.  Let’s chalk this one up to a day that wasn’t meant to be.  They can’t all be good runs, and I can’t get bent out of shape when one doesn’t go as planned.  I really do believe that you run today not to make today’s run better, but to make tomorrow’s run better.

So tonight when I get home from work it’s back out onto the streets for another run – hopefully yesterday morning I got the beers and cheeseburgers out of my system.  It won’t be 6 days from my last run, or morning.  I won’t be dressed for 20 degrees colder than it is, and I sure as hell won’t be running up that hill.  If we’re still having problems, then I’ll try to figure out what’s going wrong.



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