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I guess I haven’t posted in a few days… no, it’s not a sign that this was a quick fad that I’ve given up on (although wouldn’t be the first time… anyone out there remember WickedFictitious.com?  yeah, me neither 🙂

I can come up with a bunch of excuses… internet at home was out for a day; work has been pretty busy; I’ve been trying to adjust to a different sleep schedule.  The truth is, there hasn’t been anything to post about.  I’d hope that means I’m otherwise busy with fun and important things (which is sometimes true).  But really in this case it means I’m dragging ass.

Last night was a cop out.  I was going to go for a run, but it was cold and I was tired (no excuse – race day doesn’t get moved back because it’s been cold lately).  And then I thought I’d lift some weights instead… and then I overthought the situation and didn’t.

The key problem there was overthinking.  I spent a lot of time thinking about it – do I have time, what would I do, what else do I have to do.  But I was thinking about it and coming up with reasons not to train.  I wasn’t thinking about it looking for excuses to train, I was looking for excuses not to.

Training really is a frame of mind.  You really do have to overcome a natural urge to say ‘no, I can’t tonight’.  At least that’s how it is at first – perhaps some day when I’ve gotten into a routine and been doing this for months (or years) it might be mentally easier.  But for now it’s a real culture shift – changing your instinctive reaction from ‘no’ to ‘yes’.  But it has so many parallels in life – not just in training, but how you approach your work, your family, your health, your friends.  It’s easy to shelter yourself and find reasons ‘not to’ – finding reasons ‘to’ takes quite the shift.

So that’s my challenge to myself this week (and to anyone out there reading this): Say ‘yes’.  Catch yourself when you’re finding reasons to say ‘no’ to shelter yourself, and say ‘yes’ instead.  Now, I’m not talking on the same level as that stupid “Yes Man” movie (I’m not putting a link in here – if you don’t know the movie you’re better off).  Don’t say ‘yes’ to a 2nd bowl of ice cream, or drinking like you’re back in college, or quitting your day job.  Say ‘yes’ to something that challenges you – pushes you forward and out of your comfort zone.  Say ‘yes’ to something that could make you greater, but might be tough in the short run.  Say ‘yes’ to yourself.

What are you going to say ‘yes’ to?


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