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The Week That Was

January 15, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

This past week…

  • Ran once – 5.02km
  • Lifted once – 20 minutes

I give myself a C+ for this past week’s effort.  Both run and lift sessions were really good (or this week would have been really ugly).  But the truth is I didn’t come close to my goals for the week.

Sunday night is a good time to look back on the week and figure out next week’s plans.  I go back to some advice once given to me: “Nobody is going to make it important for you if you don’t first make it important yourself” (I’d cite the source, but I honestly can’t remember where that comes from).

One run this week.  Only one.  I had all the best plans for a schedule – it got derailed.  Our actions in life reflect our priorities.  I can have every excuse in the book, but if it didn’t get done, then it wasn’t as important as everything else that happened.

So what else did happen this week? A little wedding planning and a few great visits with some important friends.  Both important things.  So I don’t feel bad giving myself a C+ this week.  Our actions in life reflect our priorities – Tri training is great, it’s fun, it’s important… but so are friends and family.  I don’t mind if those are the things that “got in the way”

And with a little luck, I’ll still get another run in tonight to wrap up the week on a high note…


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