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Finally, Snow

January 13, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Friday January 13th.  We finally have snow (well, a dusting, anyway).  Better late than never

Is it weird that I looked out the window, saw the snow, and thought ‘yep, my sneakers can run in that’?  I didn’t worry about not having snow tires, or how cold it is, or having to shovel.  I looked out and figured it wouldn’t keep me from running.

I feel quietly quite pleased with that (granted, I’m not jumping up and down – it is probably pretty darn cold out there).  My body feels normally tired after last night’s lift, and it’s snowy, and being a Friday I’m already mentally checked out for the weekend… but I’m still excited to run.

I think that’s the thing above all others that tells me I’ve found the right hobby for me – I want to get out and do it.  Sure I make excuses… a lot… but I really do enjoy it.  I genuinely want to do better.  I want to go faster.

As I sit here inside my heated house, I’m excited for my next workout.  I forget how hard it is when I’m actually running – I forget that I’m not in shape, or that my body hurts, or that it’s cold outside.  I want to run.  Who in their right mind wants to run?  Who in their right mind wants to go out in the cold and put their body through that?!

I do!  Just don’t ask me again once I’ve stepped outside 🙂


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