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No Man Is An Island

January 12, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today, after work, I had a lovely dinner with a great friend.  We exchanged comments about both trying to eat better, and then proceeded to order deep fried Chinese food, hold the vegetables.  We stayed a lot longer than I thought (though not as long as I could have if tonight were not a school night) and by the time I got home from dinner it was later than when I went to bed last night.

The whole drive home (it’s a long drive) I was coming up with excuses to myself to cancel tonight’s run.  It’s late.  It’s dark out.  It’s cold.  It’s raining.  I’m full of greasy Chinese food.  But I kept remembering a comment she made at dinner, telling me that “whatever I was doing was working”, and that she could see more definition on me than last time we had dinner (equally vegetable free, if I recall correctly).

Then, on my drive home, I got a text from a cousin of mine, telling me she’d finished her workout for today.  How did I do?  We have a reciprocal agreement to ping each other after working out and push each other along.

A compliment at dinner; a pushing text on the drive home.  I have an amazing support network to keep me going when it’s late, and dark, and cold, and raining.  Nobody can do something like this alone.  Nobody can make the kinds of changes I want to make without support.  I may not be good at saying ‘thank you’, but I can blog about it.

So tonight, I got home, and I grabbed the free weights, and I put in a good hard 40 minutes – a better lift session than I’ve had in a long time.  No, I didn’t go out running – it was in fact late, and dark, and cold, and rainy.  But I sweat, and I pushed, and I feel really damn good!  And now I get to sleep tonight knowing I didn’t quit.

Thanks Team!  Good Night!


  1. January 12, 2012 at 11:18 pm

    Well, I am right, babe. There’s less excess and more you, if that makes any sense. Call it an inspiration. Who knows, I might actually get off my lazy arse & follow your lead. Though not the running – not unless you’re paying for knee surgery…

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