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Brave Morning Soldier

January 10, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Tuesdays I work from home.  Which means I don’t have to drive for an hour to get to work.  Which means I don’t have to get up an hour early just to have time to drive to work.  Which means I get to sleep in an extra hour on Tuesdays.

But not this morning.  This morning I had to drop Brigid off.  Just ’cause I get to work from home on Tuesdays doesn’t mean she gets to as well.

So I hauled my butt out of bed 5 minutes before we left – threw on some sweat pants and a hoodie and jumped in the car.  We drove in the dark (it wasn’t that early – 7:15 ish – but this time of year it’s still dark).  Along the way we passed a jogger, out for a run on a cold dark January morning.  “What a brave soldier” I commented, at which point Brigid laughed at me and reminded me that many evenings I have ambitious plans of setting my alarm early to get up and train, and every morning when the alarm goes off I re-set it and roll over.

The Tri community seems to put esteem on early morning training sessions.  Morning runs, or rides, or swims.  Every article I read talks about the 40-something-year-old who gets up to run before his/her kids wake up and they have to be a parent, or have to go to work.  It seems to be the accepted norm: you don’t use up your family’s time or your employer’s time training, you do it on your own time.  And Your Own Time seems to only happen at an ungodly hour of the morning.

I train much better at night, mostly because I’m just not a morning person.  But I wrestle with it:  Should I train in the morning, because that’s what all the articles tell me to do?  Am I lazy?  Am I unmotivated?  Does an inability to get up early and get at it in sport reflect my work life?  Or my personal life?

I decided to ponder all this by going back home and back to bed for another hour.

– DO’G

  1. January 12, 2012 at 8:16 pm

    Feh – welcome to ‘it works when it works for you’. If you’re going to get the job done by doing it at night, then do it at night.

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